Vileda Dermo Plus – hushållshandskar i nitril

Dermo Plus hushållshandske är en mjuk och följsam handske fri från allergener. Tillverkad av 100% Nitril. Mjuk invändig textilbeläggning. Ingen risk för latex-allergi. Motståndskraftig mot kemikalier. Finns i small, medium och large.



Ingen latex

The anti-allergy rubber gloves are completely free from latex and are made from 100% resistant nitrile material. This makes them ideal for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive hands.



The gloves come with a dry fit cotton lining. This ensures extra comfort and keeps your hands from getting sweaty.

3. High Chemical Resistance

The anti-allergy rubber gloves are highly chemical resistant to oils, acids, turpentine, bleach, paints, solvents and oven cleaners while providing excellent tactile sensitivity.

The Dermo Plus anti-allergy gloves provide skin friendly protection for sensitive hands. They are made from durable and resistant nitrile material and are non-allergic rubber gloves for people who suffer from allergies. If you have eczema or dermatitis then these are the right cleaning gloves for you.

Nitrile is also highly puncture resistant and provides a barrier protection. These heavy duty gloves are used in many different industries and for different purposes like gardening or cleaning with chemicals. They are even approved for use with food. Get these gloves for your everyday housekeeping and household chores now!

When used as cleaning gloves they provide extra wearing comfort due to their cotton lining. They are also resistant to most cleaning agents and many other chemicals. You don’t have to worry about your sensitive skin as these anti-allergy rubber gloves will protect your hands from all irritations.

The nitrile material is 100% free from latex and thus suitable for allergy sufferers. It is the synthetic alternative to latex gloves and they provide dexterity, durability as well as the option to reuse these anti-allergy rubber gloves.

The fingertips have a roughened finish which gives you a non-slip grip. This comes in handy for dishwashing or other delicate cleaning work. While being extra sturdy and providing strength, the gloves also offer an excellent tactile sensitivity for any kind of work.

These gloves are resistant to both pressure and stretching and are a lightweight and comfortable option for your cleaning needs. The cotton lining ensures a sweat-free experience. The nitrile will flexibly adjust to the shape of your hands as your body heat warms up the nitrile material.

Get your own set of helpful Dermo Plus anti-allergy rubber gloves now and make use of the advantages the nitrile gloves offer you!


Comfortable to wear

The cotton lining makes these gloves easy to put on and take off. Your hands won’t sweat and will feel comfortable while cleaning.


Fingertip slip resistance

These anti-allergy gloves have a textured slip resistant area at the fingertips. This is especially useful when handling dishes or other delicate objects.


Nitrile material

The gloves are made from super durable nitrile material. Nitrile is highly resistant to cuts and piercing – three to five times more so than latex.

Product features

Vanliga frågor

The gloves offer superior resistance to oil and bleach-based domestic detergents and cleaning agents. However, they are not to be used with harsh chemicals. They are for use in a private household only.
Yes, these gloves are made from synthetic nitrile material and therefore do not contain natural rubber latex proteins that might trigger a latex allergy.
Each set includes one pair of nitrile latex-free gloves. They come in the sizes Small, Medium or Large.
Our Dermo Plus nitrile gloves have a cotton lining. This makes it easy for you to put the gloves on and take them off. Furthermore, the cotton lining absorbs moisture and sweat to ensure a comfortable wearing experience.
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